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Can't Wait to Feel "Wonderful"

We'll start celebrating the Bailey in November, thank you very much.



    Other cities, we get that you want to wait for December before going all "It's a Wonderful Life."

    We also get that other places might not be able to draw too many comparisons between giant Los Angeles and Bedford Falls, the comfy-cozy town that's the sugar-laden setting for the 1946 holiday standard. But the fairly massive, highly convincing, oh-so-snowy Bedford Falls was indeed created right here in our own Valley -- think of that next time you drive through Encino on a sweltering summer day -- and Frank Capra wrote the film at La Quinta Resort & Club out in the desert to the east.

    Oh, and the famous everyone-falls-in-the-pool scene? Beverly Hills High School. Yup.

    Now Madame Tussauds Hollywood is unveiling a Jimmy Stewart figure on Monday, Nov. 29. Plus, there's a new "It's a Wonderful Life" exhibit at the Boulevard-based attraction as well.

    If you went to the Nov. 27 tree lighting at La Quinta, and saw actress Karolyn Grimes -- young Zuzu from the movie -- there, you're probably heading for Tussauds soon, we bet. Just don't run through the wax figure museum shouting for joy, a la George Bailey, although we recommend doing that in the privacy of one's own home whenever possible.

    "It's a Wonderful Life" will air twice in 2010 on NBC, once on Dec. 11, and again on Dec. 24. And if you're wondering just where exactly in Encino George Bailey ran, this map is pretty handy.

    Snow at the Sepulveda Basin? A holiday miracle indeed.