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Corvettes & Camaros Rule Famous Corner

Farmers Market's famous motor weekend is pulling in.



    Corvettes & Camaros Rule Famous Corner
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    This beauty rolled through the LA Modernism show a couple of years back; will we see one like it at the 2010 Gilmore Heritage Auto Show?

    Long before any of us slid into our first car -- and long before any of us took our first driver's test -- the corner of 3rd & Fairfax was a motoring maven's paved paradise.

    There was the famous racetrack, along about where CBS sits now (so closer to Beverly & Fairfax). And there was the iconic gas station that became synonymous with the Gilmore Family, a name that has long been synonymous with Farmers Market.

    It makes perfect sense, then, that Farmers Market is the setting for the Gilmore Heritage Auto Show, which takes place over a Saturday every summer.

    The 2010 theme is Corvettes & Camaros. Nearly 100 cars will be parked around the Market and the Grove, all sleek and chromed-out and ready for lookie-loo-ing. We'd wear a muscle shirt. And jeans. Definitely jeans, pegged or cuffed.

    Date's Saturday, June 5, time is 11 a.m.-5 p.m. and admission is free. And remember, car buffs: Petersen Automotive Museum is just about six blocks south of Farmers Market, if you really wanted to make a motor-y day of it.