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Cyclists Brake for the Hammer's Bike Night

Movies, free vegan bites, and bikes. Of course.



    Cyclists Brake for the Hammer's Bike Night
    Hammer Museum
    The Hammer Museum's popular Bike Night rolls on Thursday, April 8.

    If there's a person left on earth who thinks museums are fusty places where silence rules and best behavior is a must, we ask them now to look to the Hammer Museum on Thursday, April 8.

    Because inviting a whole bunch of spandex-wearing cyclists to come party at the museum's annual Bike Night isn't exactly cobwebby. Showing "Pee-wee's Big Adventure," which of course is centered on a beloved bike, has some flavor. And the free vegan eats, the live music, and the socializing with other cyclists does not fall under the getting-shushed category.

    Admission is free, and we can't pedal off before saying that the Hammer put in all capitals that a very special guest is expected. Oh, all capitals and bold, with an exclamation point. That is about as special-guest-y as it gets.

    Everything starts at 7 p.m. Wear your casuals, and don't forget your cruiser.