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Dear Phantom: Please Row Us Away Once More



    Dear Phantom: Please Row Us Away Once More
    Is he looking at us? He's looking at us! Phantom, over here!

    What's the secret to the enduring success of "Phantom of the Opera"? We think of it as a foggy soup (not quite as foggy as the murky streams the Phantom rows over to get home) full of sparkly things: the highly memorable, highly sing-along-able Andrew Lloyd Webber songs ("Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" remains the top father-daughter tearjerker ever), the candle-drippy props, the big-skirt'd costumes, the lavish chandelier-laden sets, and a really fantastic, really troubled lead. Plus it doesn't hurt that Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman made the two main characters so famous, even as a host of other talented thespians have filled their shoes -- or masks? -- through the years.

    Now "Phantom" has come to laugh maniacally and attempt to win Christine's love once again, this time at Pantages. The show runs from January 21-February 21, and could be the fantasy-goosing evening getaway we're kind of needing right now. Plus, we could all take a few lessons from the Phantom: he stays focused, stays committed, he lives sparsely and yet still manages to fit some culture in (even if it means ascending the subterranean underworld to head up to the Opera House for some entertainment).

    Random fun fact from the site: A tour of the mega Broadway hit played San Francisco and LA for nearly a decade. Dear sad Phantom, you are indeed loved.

    "Phantom of the Opera"
    January 21-February 21
    Pantages Theatre, 6233 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood