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Farmers Market Halloween Party



    Farmers Market Halloween Party
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    Slink into that Catwoman costume and make for Fairfax; Ninefinger rocks the Market tonight.

    Relaxed, neighborhood-y and no admission: Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax has many charms, but these are three we especially like. We expect that the Market's Halloween bash, which shimmies into the historic stalls tonight at 6PM, will also be laid-back, friendly and full of low-key people gathering to share a pitcher at one of the classic green-and-white tables. And, as always, there's nothing to pay to come in and play. Love that. Seriously Farmers Market. Thank you.

    But we can also add "loud" to the usual equation, if just for this evening. Ninefinger is rocking the West Patio (songs with a supernatural twist are on the playlist), a full-on costume contest is in the works (with prizes, natch) and EB's bar has even promised to whip up a dastardly little drink or two. And, as always, the restaurants and vendors around the Market will be open for the better chunk of the evening (most close up around 9PM, though a few stay cooking longer), so you can have your Loteria nachos and seasonal ale, too.

    Just remember that you have to eat through your mask, which could get all cheesy and streaky with salsa. We've been there. Because we never, ever learn when it comes to cheese-laden foods and festive holiday wear. Never.

    Friday, October 31
    Farmers Market, 6333 W. Third Street, Los Angeles