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Lookalikes Catch Facebook's Fancy

You look like a famous person. Put it on Facebook.



    Lookalikes Catch Facebook's Fancy
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    Facebook goes celebrity doppelgänger for a few days.

    Of all the time-bye-bye-ing memes that skitter across the face of Facebook, Doppelgänger Week has caught our eye.

    An eye, we've been told, that looks JUST like that one actress on that show. You know who we mean.

    Yes, part of the reason we're thinking of this newest Facebook trend is the lovely umlaut. And that a great word with fascinating and layered meanings is getting some prominence. Doesn't "doppelgänger" typically get trucked out in a horror movie where the heroine discovers there is someone -- with her exact looks -- romancing her boyfriend?

    Maybe that is a movie we saw in our heads once.

    But it is Doppelgänger Week on Facebook, which is inspiring many users to switch their picture to someone they've been told they look like, or think they do. Morticia Addams, John Cleese, a Muppet have all made appearances.

    But this is our question. It is known that several stars use the social networking service. Not just the fan pages. For personal reasons. So what celebrities do celebrities think they look like? 

    We know, various entertainment outlets love to pair lookalike stars. But what do the stars think? Will they switch out one picture for another picture of themselves?

    Is this too deep for a Friday? We'll vote quite the opposite.

    And we'll think of that umlaut, and be comforted. Remember, in your status updates, you'll want to include it. Try alt-0228 on your keyboard. Don't flout the umlaut.