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Saving SoCal's '60s Treasures

If you're a fan, best participate in an important night.



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    Do you ever look at a building that maybe is a bit too new-ish and think in a half century it'll be a classic?

    That's how many eyes have long seen and are still seeing a lot of the 1960s-era landmarks around Los Angeles. All those sparkly rock walls weren't as loved at one time, at least by a chunk of the population, and several places were considered for demolition. And several places were demolished.

    But there are people out there backing these buildings, with a passion. The LA Conservancy is at the front of the movement -- no surprise there -- and the group'll be hosting a night devoted to our one-of-a-kind, mid-century'd, starburst-laden buildings that are just so Southern California.

    The night is on Wednesday, March 24, the location is the Proud Bird -- you're sort of obsessed with the airport-close Proud Bird, right? -- we are -- and the talk will be fully focused on preserving our 1960s architectural heritage.

    Tickets are $20 and you can nab 'em at the door.