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Suites Made for Bruins and Trojans

Los Angeles Athletic Club has refurbed its hotel.



    Suites Made for Bruins and Trojans
    David Guettler
    The Bruins Den at The Hotel at the Los Angeles Athletic Club; the inn debuts in December 2009.

    The Los Angeles Athletic Club, that solid, stalwart, built-in-1880 pile located on West Seventh downtown, has been of the swankiest, squash-playing-iest spots in all of LAdom for several years running now.

    Now its hotel has had a huge redo, and we mean huge. Multi-million-dollar huge. The Club -- let's call it LAAC for short, just to be chummy and all -- calls the look of its freshly plumped 72 rooms "1920s French moderne with some British campaign and a touch of Americana." Which we can see from the early pictures, which include brassy lamps and holly-berry-hued wingback chairs and plush details everywhere.

    And just the kind of oversized couches one wants to drop into, wearily, with drama, post-squash.

    The Hotel, capital H, debuts with a grand soiree on December 9th, but USC and UCLA people might want to start calling for reservations now. There is a Bruins suite, that's a symphony in blueness, and a gold-bedecked Trojans suite, too.

    Theme hotel meets swanky quarters. Doesn't happen too often, so when it does, we embrace. But don't get too close; we still got hit the showers, and stow our racquet.