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The Heino! Happy Höur

A Lucha star stops by El Cid.



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    Heino is at El Cid on Tuesday, March 30.

    Hello, Heino.

    You may have picked on Paul McCartney in LA Weekly. Tsk. You may have had a hand in the most recent Olympics -- although your mention of "bier" consumption has us wondering. You might be given to a jet-setting, sunglass-wearing, turtleneck-donning, sybaritic lifestyle that we all should avoid emulating.

    But you are an internation man of pleather-y style and pluck, you make people laugh at the Lucha shows, and you'll be at El Cid on Tuesday, March 30 doing the same.

    Lucha fans: We know you know that there's always VaVOOM-y madness going down on Cinco de Mayo, but if you can't wait, and need some Lucha-based lunacy now, Heino is your man. Sorry. Gentleman.

    Where do you get your turtlenecks, Heino?