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The People Aren't Moving, but Tickets Are

The opening is just over a week away.



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    Pageant of the Masters
    The 2010 Pageant of the Masters opens on Wednesday, July 7.

    The figures that form the massively scaled "living paintings" at the annual Pageant of the Masters may have strict instructions not to move a muscle, or even let a single hair fall, but we most certainly do not.

    And so we're nudging. Firmly. And our nudging means this: If you're going to get tickets for this always hugely popular Laguna Beach series, this would be a fine time to do so.

    Because here's the haps: Pageant of the Masters opens on July 7. It runs through August 31. And already, certain ticket types are gone. And not just for one night, but for every night in that ticket class.

    And here's the other haps: Now that the Sawdust Art Festival has very recently opened, we suspect tickets'll get moving at a jauntier pace, seeing as how the Pageant is just a pip down the road from the huge clutch of shops that make up the Sawdust.

    People, posing, as still as they can, in famous and/or interesting works of art. You've known about it for years. You've seen it parodied on "Arrested Development." But have you gone? Go in 2010, and start here.