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What You're Doing Tonight: Jan. 17



    What You're Doing Tonight: Jan. 17
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    The Mistress of the Dark appears in person at Cafe at the Vista, on Saturday, January 17.

    MISTRESS OF THE DARK DISHES: We adore Elvira. We worship at the cob-webby throne of the kitschy, gorgeous, talon-nailed lady who gained fame with her sharp quips and spooky proclivities. We adore that every fourth person on Halloween dresses up like her. See her in person? Only Dracula could keep us away (maybe)... Saturday, January 17. Cafe at the Vista, midnight. 4473 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles.

    TIM AND ERIC AWESOME SHOW, GREAT JOB! TOUR: "Tom Goes to the Mayor" remains our favorite show on Adult Swim, for its sad-sack lead, its everydayness, its strip-mall setting. The two gifted guys behind the animated show -- Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim -- bring their cult-fave antics to Club Nokia. Saturday, January 17, 8PM. 800 W. Olympic, Los Angeles.

    SO MANY GREAT CONCERTS; WHERE TO GO? Instrumental-y act Sound Tribe Sector 9 is at the Wiltern Theatre. "I'll Be" singer Edwin McCain is at House of Blues on the Sunset Strip (along with prog-great Alan Parsons), while the American Soul & Rock & Roll Choir stops by the Cerritos Center.