Fa, la, wow: There's a member pre-sale afoot for LA Arboretum's ‘Lightscape' fans

The magical shimmer celebration returns just ahead of Thanksgiving 2023.

LA Arboretum and Botanic Garden

What to Know

  • Lightscape 2023
  • Nov. 17 through Jan. 2, 2023 at Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanic Garden
  • $75 opening weekend family packs available for purchase through July 26; or you can save $6 a ticket on another date

There is a lot of light lighting up all brightly lit corners of our light-filled lives as July 2023 ends, thanks to an intense summer-style showing of sun-drenched power.

But the world is rife with various vibrant forms of illumination, and some of the most special sparkles show up in November, all to add a touch of incandescence to Arcadia.

It's "Lightscape" we're rhapsodizing over, the installation-filled, property-wide happening at the Los Angeles Arboretum & Botanic Garden.

Well, the seasonal spectacular doesn't quite unfurl across the whole property — the leafy destination does fill up an impressive 127 acres — but visitors can expect to ramble across a good and glittery portion of LA Arboretum, all to check out the shimmering sculptures and panache-filled pop-up pieces.

These are pieces brimming with brilliance, both in terms of the imagination that brought them to life and actual brilliance, the light that gives these artworks form.

And here's some happy news for those holiday lovers who just can't wait for their favorite stretch of the year to arrive: A special "Lightscape" pre-sale is on now for LA Arboretum members.

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You'll be able to score a family pack for $75, an opening weekend offer. Nov. 17 is the popular event's first 2023 date, and, yep, this will all begin the weekend before Thanksgiving.

The pack includes admission for two grown-ups, and two kids, plus parking, too.

If you'll be traveling or unable to "alight" upon the lit-up lark, there's another way to save during the members' pre-sale: Enjoy $6 off a ticket on another night.

It's a multi-week event, one that will extend a few days into the new year. Take a look now at all the details, and be sure to snag your deal by July 26.

Bright out? It so is, thanks to a summer-strong heat wave. But we can dream of cool evenings wandering LA Arboretum, all to admire the illuminated art by the light of the moon.

Be sure to check the garden's site for more news about "Lightscape" tickets in the next month or two.

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