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Crime of Fashion

Marc Jacobs to pay $1 million for bribery.



    Crime of Fashion
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    What price fashion? A million bucks for Marc Jacobs, who has agreed to settle allegations of bribery over a runway venue. Location, location, location.

    How tacky. Designer-in-demand Marc Jacobs will pay $1 million to settle allegations he bribed a New York state official to secure the Lexington Avenue Armory for fashion shows. This wraps up nearly a year of scandal, including James Jackson, former superintendent of the Armory, being accused of extorting from Jacobs and others during his tenure. He pled guilty Nov. 7.

    Does the punishment fit the crime? The Armory reportedly only goes for $6,000 a day, and Jacobs was only in for about $4,000 over that in bribes according to the NY Post. Makes you wonder, is this any different than just paying what the market will bear to rent the space he wants? Perhaps fashion transcends morals.

    Chances are pencil-skirt slim this will affect sales of Jacobs' wildly popular lines coveted by celebs and civilians alike.
    To help Jacobs recoup his losses -- and look smashing while you're at it -- visit his shop at Melrose Place (no stranger to scandal in the TV version, which may come back, yay!)

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