Films That Make You Ink: Cephalopod Movie Night

Join Atlas Obscura at the Aquarium of the Pacific for an evening of squid-tastic celluloid treats, and eight-tentacled education, too.

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What to Know

  • Aquarium of the Pacific
  • Saturday, June 22
  • $25 + fee

We've never sat next to a cephalopod at a matinee, nor split our popcorn with a squid, and we're fairly sure an octopus wouldn't have time to spare for a double feature.

But you just have to believe that any tentacled ocean denizen that happens to catch a feature film has to be a little surprised and even dismayed by what they see on the screen: Enormous octopuses swallowing submarines or squids as big as skyscrapers.

As fun as monster-filled B movies are, there's another side to cephalopod cinema, one that will be in the spotlight on Saturday, June 22.

That's when Atlas Obscura will call upon the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach for its annual Cephalopod Movie Night.

Nope, no ships will become entangled in titan-sized tentacles, but attendees will see a quartet of films celebrating these curious and intelligent critters at the aquarium's Science Friday evening.

Science Friday, by the by, is the public radio show that holds a full-on Cephalopod Week each year.

A few fascinating octo-experts'll be in the house, too, to discuss several topics related to the suckerful superstars.

Among those attending? A "SCUBA-diving philosopher," so prepare to not only find out more about the cuttlefish, and other splendid cephies, but the bigger ideas surrounding the tentacled wonders of the deep.

A ticket is $25, plus a small fee, and there'll be warm beverages for sale, as well as adult beverages, too.

No inky drinks will be served (as far as we know), but the possibility does make a person ink, er, think.

A Cephalopod Movie Night a grand way to greet the first full day of summer and a memorable one, too, thanks to the smart films and smart talks.

Prepare to be suckered in, in the cephalopod-iest sense.

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