Find Frosty Fun During Kidspace's Snow Days

Play in the snow in Pasadena? It's happening over several sparkly days.

What to Know

  • Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena
  • Dec. 26 through 30, 2017
  • Snow play, wintry crafts, and other to-dos

When making a snowball, do you focus principally upon creating a perfectly spherical orb, one lacking in a jagged bits or angles or lumps?

Or is it all about ideal density, which isn't overly packed, but isn't fall-apart-loose, for the skilled snowball-making pro?

Or do you just try and keep your hands as warm as possible, meaning your snowball comes together in an instant, jagged edges and uneven density and all?

However this whimsically wintry art form is approached, the fact is that there needs to be the raw material before any snowballery can occur.

Finding a mountain destination, one with snow, is a good way to find such material, or you can take your winter-loving tots to Kidspace Children's Museum during the Pasadena destination's mega-popular Snow Days.

Is the snow real, is a common first question? Yes, yes it is, meaning your kids can snow-angel it up, if they so choose, or just sit in the cold stuff, marveling how it can crunch and smoosh so satisfyingly between one's mittened hands.

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The dates are Tuesday, Dec. 26 through Saturday, Dec. 30, and the hours each day are substantial, with Kidspace members receiving early entry on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

You probably don't want to be a (snow)flake, so note these things: The kids should dress warmly. There is a chance to decorate cookies for an additional three bucks, beyond the admission to get in.

And will the area near Kidspace, which is located next to the Rose Bowl, see some increased activity during the Snow Days run?

Is ice icy? Is a snowman cold? Is the sploosh of a well-made snowball the most marvelous sound ever?

Indeed, the Rose Bowl will bustle ahead of its biggest day, so plan accordingly, frost-loving families of SoCal.

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