Fine Suds ‘N Supper Off San Fernando

Chloe's at Golden Road launches a weekly Brewer's Supper

Wine and fine dining are a pairing that hails back several centuries. One only need look at the paintings of the old masters to see jugs of vino next to plates piled high with shanks and such. (So many shanks in centuries-old paintings, right?)

But beer? Paintings of yore tell a different story. Mugs are raised in messy cheer, and little food is within the frame. Or if there is food, its of the early bar variety (so whatever fried mozzarella sticks were in the 1600s).

That's one reason we're cheered when beer gets to be the beverage at a more elegant dinner. And when that dinner is happening weekly, and the place is one of the busiest, buzziest spot in all the (SoCal) land? Worth mentioning.

We're talking about the Brewer's Supper at Chloe's at Golden Road Brewing. Picture a prix fixe dinner with a quartet of small plate courses and paired beers that have been brewed on the premises. One plate and beer example? Roasted quail with bacon & mushroom stuffing with chorizo cream matched up with Aunt Sally Pale Ale.

Cost is $38, and you can order additional plates if you like for six bucks. And the date? It's happening every Wednesday night. Call it a rather regal way to toast Hump Day.

We know, we know, wine is for fine dining, or so says the history of art, but beer's tonier future is now.

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