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Beerathon, Meet the Brewery

Two sudsy haps coincide downown. Are they related? Read on.



    Beerathon, Meet the Brewery
    The Brewery Art Walk -- which isn't about beer -- is on March 31 and April 1. Beerathon -- which is about beer -- is on March 31.

    When is something happening at a place famously named "The Brewery" not in any way about beer?

    When it is the Brewery Art Walk, which happens twice a year at, yep, you got it, The Brewery, which is one of our city's most iconic, smokestacked buildings. The next art walk is up on Saturday, March 31 and Sunday, April 1 and, like in years past, it is totally free. 

    And when we say "totally free" we're not yanking chains here; parking is free, too. Right??? That's particular one-two punch is too rare. Parking can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, depending on how crowded the walk is, but you'll find your spot.

    You'll also find over 100 open studios and thousands of works of art to ingest. Oh, and a lot of those studios double as the artists' homes. Yep. LOVE that. Capital letters LOVE.

    If you do want to get your beer on, though, you don't have to go far to do so; Beearathon is happening downtown on Saturday, March 31. There's a full-on course map and various bars and a sign-up sheet and an entry fee, so you'll want to be committed to this venture. (If you're thinking it is a swing-by deal for a pint, it is much, much more.)

    There are only a few tickets left so best get on the Beerathon train. We seriously wouldn't try both in the same day, but the art walk always happens over a full weekend, which is nice. Beer one day, a brewery the next.

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