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Free Scotch Sundays

Where to get a really good gratis drink, plus a free show



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    Nothing warms the tummy or the soul like the rich burn of Scotch whiskey. Pricey? Yep, but not on Sundays. Sip a smooth one for free -- and we're talking the good stuff.

    Clink, pour, swirl, sniff, sip, savor, aahhhhhh. There's a reason Scotch is the choice libation of "Mad Men" types. It's all about ritual with the famed amber spirit that starts with a little sting, then makes everything toasty on the inside. Perfect for putting a nightcap on the weekend and easing into the idea of Monday with a slow burn.

    On Sunday nights, The Foundry on Melrose will buy your first round. They're not pouring the cheap stuff, either. You'll get a neat shot of butterscotch-y Glenrothes, a favorite of aficionados that goes for nearly $80 a bottle. But don't be stingy. Get cozy and stay for the free performances by local musicians. Show up hungry: Chef Eric Greenspan, from Patina and Meson G, is no slouch in the kitchen.

    Scotch And Songs Sundays at The Foundry
    7465 Melrose