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Recession Tasting Wine Class, You Had Us at Hello



    Recession Tasting Wine Class, You Had Us at Hello
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    Try new flavors at the Friday night Mike Farwell wine parties. Or swing by the Los Angeles Pinot Noir & Chardonnay Festival on Saturday, January 17.

    We like a nice wine tasting: pretty, large-bowled glasses, little palate-cleansing nibbles, smart people who help us find words like "nutty" in the web-covered back reaches of our brains. But when a wine class has "Recession Tasting" in the title, we drop the pretentions and polite nibbling and just sign up.

    The Recession Tasting Wine Series is an ongoing Friday night party from vino honcho Mike Farwell (the man knows the liquid good stuff). Each week, some different labels and types are featured. Friday, January 23 is California Chardonnays and Cabernet Sauvignons, two of our favorites from our favorite wine-growing spot, the glorious Golden State. What, a little home-state pride is in order here, right?

    Here's the thing: the Friday night to-dos are selling out (January 9 and 16=booked solid), so if a wine-tasting event feels start-of-the-weekend-fun and/or first-date-y to you, then get on it pronto. (You can find tickets here.)

    And on January 17, a separate but intriguing evening: The Los Angeles Chardonnay & Pinot Festival in Pasadena. One more sparkly reason to raise a glass of cheer.