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Free: LA Film Fest Outdoor Screenings

Things are getting blockbuster-y: "Ghostbusters" and "Independence Day" are both on the pay-nothing schedule.

Attempting to pin a person down to five favorite films is like trying to decide between the various chocolate bars at the cinema concession stand.

It's difficult, in short, and many people would wave their hands while claiming that choosing their top movies is an impossibility. (Though whether the chocolate bars would cause the same consternation is up for debate, but probably not, because people do resolve indecisiveness when it comes tempting snackfoods.)

No matter what flicks are on your top five, here's a probably true statement: One of your favorite films will play outdoors somewhere around Southern California over the summer of 2016. Why? We're spoiled with the number of alfresco cinema experiences, and the breadth of blockbusters they show. 

Even the Los Angeles Film Festival, which is known for its slate of lauded features and documentaries (all shown indoors), gets into the action with a few free movies each summer, including two to be screened outside.

"Ghostbusters" and "Independence Day" -- of 1984 and 1996, respectively -- will play at Figat7th during the June festival, and you won't need to pay a thing to see either.

The dates? The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man stomps into downtown LA on Friday, June 3, while alien spacecraft visit Figat7th, at least via the big screen, on Saturday, June 4.

The buttery bonus? Free popcorn.

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There are a few other free treats, too, during the multi-day festival, which is centered around the ArcLight Cinemas in Culver City and Hollywood. "Shrek" will screen at ArcLight Culver City on June 4, and there are other films, too, to watch for free.

As for the dates of the full festival? It's ready to celebrate celluloid, and story, and acting, and our local hometown industry, from June 1 through 9.

So can you name your top five films? Bet one of them is playing outside around town over the summer. Or at least one you really, really like a whole bunch.

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