Free: Old Pasadena Summer Cinema Opens

Grab a seat under the stars for "The Sting," "Remember the Titans"...

Old Pasadena? It's not a backlot, but you might be forgiven for thinking that the area's character-packed structures and atmospheric alleyways were first constructed by a movie studio a hundred or so years ago.

Which makes the landmark-laden location an ideal spot for a movie series, one that is mostly outdoors, and one that is free, save one special ticketed happening.

And if you're pondering those aforementioned atmospheric alleyways, and its historic nature, you're probably pondering 1973's "The Sting," which filmed in and around the buildings and byways of Old Pas.

So, of course and no doubt, the Robert Redford- and Paul Newman-starring classic is on the 2017 schedule, as a matter of well-earned local pride. It will screen on Saturday, July 8 at Central Park, and there shall be live ragtime tunes, too, courtesy of the Holly Street Stompers, to put everyone in a Sting-y frame of mind.

One additional note: If you want to join a walking tour of locations from "The Sting," that'll cost ten bucks. And you should register in advance.

Several other films will roll out during the July 1 to 29 run of Old Pasadena Summer Cinema, including "Remember the Titans," "Jurassic Park," "Freedom Writers," and "Inside Out." The main settings are One Colorado Courtyard and Central Park, though a few special happenings are going on at Distant Lands, Flower Pepper Gallery, and Pasadena Senior Center.

Perhaps you're suddenly wondering, "hey, isn't this 'the largest free open-air film festival in California'?" Wonder no longer: That's an affirmative.

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The outdoor films kick off at 8:30 p.m. — have to allow the sun room to make its final exit for the day — but the before-movie happenings rev up at 6:30, if you're into that, and want to find a primo spot for your blanket or low chair.

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