‘Frozen' on Stage Is Crystal Cheer

Journey to the North Mountain, or, er, Hollywood Boulevard for this Broadway-big, snow-topped confection.

Deen van Meer

What to Know

  • Hollywood Pantages Theatre
  • Through Feb. 2, 2020
  • $49 and up

Sisterly strength, moving forward, loyal friendship, and finding someone worth melting for?

No one would dare recommend letting such things go, for they're some of the building blocks of a happy and meaningful life.

And such themes are woven through Disney's "Frozen," the Broadway hit that has a scale and scope as tall as the North Mountain and as deep as a magical snow drift.

Indeed, the musical now on stage at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre finds its icy inspiration in the 2013 on-screen Disney phenomenon, but, like the story of Elsa and Anna, there are some thrilling twists.

Such as?

Look, or rather listen, for a few new tunes from the movie's acclaimed song-writing team, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, including Elsa's moving "Dangerous to Dream" and "What Do You Know About Love," a duet from Anna and Kristoff.


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Of course, "Let It Go" and other famous showstoppers are woven through the production, and there are fresh and frosty spins on how each song is realized, from the brrr-tastic stage design to the bracing performances.

Though, yes, Elsa does transform before the audience's eyes on stage, much like in the movie, and how it is done almost seems more like sorcery than stagecraft.

There are more transformations to come in the show, from physical changes to those born in the heart. And a brassy number devoted to the cozy concept of hygge, too.

The puppetry-perfect elements add panache (snowmen can melt under hot stage lights, so the musical finds a fanciful way to bring Olaf to life, as well as the reindeer Sven), as does the warm and real chemistry between the cast members.

And while "Frozen" may seem like a yuletide confection, a treat that will flurry away after the holidays, here is something as cheerful as a troll is wise: It's singing on and on, at the Pantages, through Feb. 2, 2020.

How right it feels for this snowy spectacular to wrap on Groundhog Day, an occasion that's very much about predicting how much winter we'll have to weather before spring returns again.

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