Glowful Giveaway: Dine Inside the Neon Museum

The institution of illumination will treat one couple to a "private dining experience" inside a glimmering gallery.

Ian Barstow

What to Know

  • You could win a "private dining experience" inside one of the museum's galleries; contest ends Feb. 26, with a winner reveal on Feb. 27
  • The Valentine's social media giveaway involves liking a post, tagging someone, and following the Glendale museum; a winner will be announced on Feb. 27, via the museum's stories
  • While food won't be provided (you can bring your favorite meal along), the winning duo will receive a complimentary bottle of wine

So many lovey-dovey poems, descriptions, odes, and flights of verbal fancy involve incandescent-bright words, those terms that seem to crackle with an inner light.

People "glow" when they're in love. Eyes seem to "shimmer" when they gaze upon a person of affectionate interest. Faces "shine" when love is in the air, and couples headed for the altar are regularly described as "radiant."

Locating a luminous spot that possesses that strong shimmer, the big glow you feel deep down in your soul, can be rather tricky, however.

Candlelight sometimes plays a part here, as do bulbs, lamps, or strings of tiny lights that cast a pink or red hue.

But what if you and your special someone could enjoy a gallery devoted to neon, a magical space that you and your honey are invited to glow, er, go around on your own?

Sure, you and your #1 can find a celebrated neon sign to stand beneath, to share a kiss and some gooey words, but if you enter the Museum of Neon Art's Valentine's Day giveaway, you may be able to bask in a multitude of spectacular neon signs, pieces, and shapes, all in one colorful collection.

For the Glendale destination, which has become a well-known center for creative shimmer and historical signage, is giving away a "private dining experience" inside one of the museum's glowing galleries.

First, to shine a light on the food part of the dining experience: You'll need to pack your own picnic, or show with your own pizza, cheese plate, or bag of tacos, but the museum will present you and your paramour a bottle of wine, and the rare chance to soak in one of its galleries on your own, without any other museum guests around.

Oh yes: A "table for two" will be provided, inside the gallery, to up the atmosphere.

How to enter?

Hop on the Museum of Neon Art's Facebook or Instagram through Feb. 26, give the giveaway post a like, tag a neon-loving pal, and be sure to follow the museum, too, while you're there.

The meaning-laden message shared by the museum is a poignant one, which fits the spirit of the holiday.

"The Museum of Neon Art is celebrating the power of love this season. Because of the love of our community MONA survived its 40th year, despite closures, and because of love the museum has grown our audience by the thousands over the past year."

"The more folks we connect with the more we can teach the craft of neon, advocate for preservation, restore signs throughout LA County, and develop cutting edge exhibitions."

Call this giveaway one a quirky route to community connection: Two glowing, radiant, shining-of-face lovebirds will get a neon-buzzy gallery to themselves, with a bottle of gratis wine, which will create a memory that will never dim.

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