Redondo Beach

Go Kayaking During the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Venture to the "Dockside of the Moon" in Redondo Beach, and help save seals and sea lions, too.

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There are no seals or sea lions splashing around on the dark side of the moon, at least at this point in time

But don't be blue if this sci-fi scenario hasn't yet come to pass, for you can lend help to our pinniped friends by venturing to the "Dockside of the Moon."

And traveling to the "Dockside"?

It won't require a souped-up rocket or interstellar ship; rather, you'll likely want to ride in or pilot a traditional land vehicle to Redondo Beach, and The Portofino Hotel & Spa, which will be celebrating a magical May night with a bark-worthy fundraiser.

And that magical date?

It's Sunday, May 15, an evening chosen to coincide with the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.

REI is partnering with Noble House Hotels, which oversees The Portofino, on a kayaking adventure, one that is going to give participants the chance to enjoy the sky show from the water.

And this "adventure for good" will indeed raise a happy bark or two, for a portion of each ticket will be donated to the Marine Mammal Care Center, a Laguna Beach organization that has been tending to injured and/or ill seals and sea lions for over a half century.

The "evening kayak under the stars" will be led by guides from REI, and a representative from the Marine Mammal Care Center will call upon the event to discuss what the rehabilitation facility does for our pinniped pals.

Adding to the enchantment of the eclipse-centered soirée?

BALEEN Restaurant, located at the hotel, will have a few special lunar-themed items on the menu, including a Harvest Moon Salad.

Dinner will be an additional fee, beyond your $175 ticket, do note, and you'll want to secure your reservation in advance, if you choose do dine at the hotel before cruising out onto the ocean.

The moonlit tour runs for around 90 minutes, and starts at 8 o'clock.

Are you ready to bark, er, book?

Turn your fins in the direction of this site now, for more information on the give-back experience, one that gives humans a chance to commune with the moon while supporting our sea-loving friends, click.

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