Green Chile Roasting Begins at Bristol Farms

The upscale grocery chain will roast over a few August and September days, at select locations.

What's long, on the thinner side, and rocks a pointy end?

You might quickly answer "a pencil," which would be correct, of course. Moreover, pencils might be on your mind, given that early August is all about stocking up on supplies for the school year.

And yet?

Another long, thin-ish, and pointy-end'd icon makes an appearance come the eighth month of the year 'round Southern California, and while you can't write with it, and it won't erase mistakes in the traditional sense, it can erase any sad memories you have of especially unspicy meals.

It's the green chile, a pepper pod that is pointy and long and highly flavorable when roasted. And roasting season is revving up around our region for the iconic pod from two states over, the Hatch chile.

There's no need to head for the lower part of the Land of Enchantment for this hot fruit, however; a number of places around our region are and will be roasting New Mexico's most famous export over the coming weeks.

Next up on the roasting roster this kapow-packing produce? It's Bristol Farms, which has released its 2018 chile roasting schedule.

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Day number one for 2018 is Saturday, Aug. 11, and the first spots to receive the fiery goodness will be Bristol Farms La Jolla, as well as Lazy Acres Long Beach and Lazy Acres Encinitas.

A few more select Saturdays will see more roast-tastic pop-ups pop up in the parking lots of Bristol Farms and Lazy Acres, with Manhattan Beach, South Pasadena, and Santa Monica all to come.

Final day? Saturday, Sept. 8, but be not blue: Roasted green chile freezes well, which means you'll have some on hand for your wintertime posoles and rellenos, if you don't devour it all by the first day of fall.

The full roster of places, times, and details is roasting online now; eye the calendar for the caliente spot nearest you.

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