Halloween Doughnuts Are Now Haunting Trejo's

Pastries rocking spooky hues are on the October 2020 line-up, including a treat themed to actor and owner Danny Trejo's famous film role.

Trejo's Coffee & Donuts

What to Know

  • Available through Oct. 31
  • $2.75-$3.25
  • 6785 Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood

Halloween and nighttime?

It's almost impossible to think of an annual occasion that is more strongly associated with the evening hours.

And yet mornings do exist in October, and other times of day when a pastry themed to the spookiest time of year would hit the spooky spot.

To help us get our haunt on prior to noon, or on our afternoon coffee break, there is the Halloween doughnut, a treat that materializes, deliciously, in shops around Southern California each October.

It's a seasonal sweet that's so cool it almost always arrives wearing its own costume. Or "costume," rather, since a Halloween doughnut's holiday appearance comes from artfully applied frosting and toppings.

And to give Halloween-loving morning people a treat, all October long, there are now seasonal doughnuts for sale at Trejo's Coffee & Donuts.

And the unscariest news? They'll be available through October, right up to Halloween, if you plan on skipping your usual Saturday doughnut box and sneaking a little candy for breakfast on the morning of Oct. 31.

On the 2020 Halloween roster for the Hollywood shop?

A raised yeast doughnut, bearing a sugar skull visage, priced at three bucks. Yep, neon buttermilk gives this one its eye-wowza hue.

If you're more of a candy corn lover, there's a raised yeast featuring all three candy corn colors. That's $2.75, and also features a buttermilk frosting.

The ghost-filled doughnut? There's pastry cream filling inside, and a white glaze of the buttermilkiest variety. This phantom-fun goodie is $3.25.

And a classic Halloween sprinkled, featuring both chocolate and white buttermilk, is $2.75.

But the cineastes and fans of Danny Trejo may want to go for the "Machete" doughnut, a three-dollar doughnut boasting "scary eyes" and cream cheese frosting (the doughnut itself is chocolate).

Of course, Halloween doughnuts are perfect at night, too, even on Halloween night when well-made pastries dip perfectly in a cup of hot cider.

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