Halloween Make-Up: Be Prepped by a Pro

Going with a skull look this year? Make for the downtown hotel, ghoulies.

Visiting make-up professionals are a common part of weddings, quincea├▒aras, proms, and other major celebrations. It's not unusual to see an elaborate, multi-tiered make-up kit sitting open next to a bevy of bouquets and sparkly headbands.

But going to a pro for a big Halloween event? Far fewer people do it, choosing instead to wing it, swinging by the drugstore at the last minute or digging through the cosmetic drawer at 6 p.m. on Oct. 31 for inspiration.

This is Hollywoodland, though, and the Ritz-Carlton Spa wants to see people bring it, a bit harder, in the haunting make-up department, regardless of where the haunter plans to haunt come Halloween night, or the night after. With that in mind, the Olympic Boulevard relaxery is inviting make-up professionals to stop by and give patrons a touch of something magical -- or monstrous -- on either Friday, Oct. 31 or Saturday, Nov. 1.

The Full Face Transformations begin at $150 and include Walking-Dead-esque zombie visages and Wicked Witch looks. Oh, and hello: Grumpy Cat, too.

The Special Effects Express Services start at $30 and run the ghouly gamut from a half-skeleton face -- eekers -- to fang bites to superhero eye masks to faux eyelashes.

Yep, it is an instant game-upper, especially if you're hosting a bash but don't have time to Grumpy-Cat-up your own face. Oh, and a sweet Halloween twist at the swanky downtown hotel: ginger cookies and hot apple cider will be served during the cosmetic-applying sessions.

But the Spa Spooktacular? You'll need to book ahead of time. Contact the Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles and stake your scary spot.

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