Huntington Beach

Hundreds of Corgis Trot ‘Back to the Beach'

The free and furry outing will romp at Huntington Dog Beach; activities, photo opps, and "awws" are included.

Paul Park

What to Know

  • The free Corgi Beach Day romps on April 2 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Huntington Dog Beach
  • Costumes, contests, a Corgi Kissing Booth, activities, group photos, and more

The widely known name for a group of dogs?

It's called a pack, if you please, or a kennel, if that's the term you prefer, but sometimes specific pooches deserve their own delightful designation.

And when it comes to a caboodle of Corgis?

Well, "caboodle" feels sort of right, though many mavens of the stout and sassy pup might go with a "wiggle of Corgis" or a "rowdy of Corgis" (both work quite well, too).

For beholding a rowdy of Corgis, or a wiggle of Corgis, if that's the word you like, is a memorably merry experience, and when they're wiggling or getting rowdy at the edge of the ocean?

The whole light-hearted happening takes on a fresh, fun, and furry/foamy dimension.

The pup-loving people at SoCal Corgi Nation understand the power of a wiggle by the waves, which means one of our region's best-known and "rowdy"-iest romps is scampering back onto the sand on the first Saturday of April 2022 after a couple of years away.

It's the famous Corgi Beach Day, where hundreds upon hundreds of low-to-the-ground hounds show up for a day of play, activities, and charming snapshots, as well as the chance to thoroughly charm everyone in the vicinity.

The theme of the April 2 event, which takes to Huntington Dog Beach beginning at 10 a.m., is "Back to the Beach," which means you'll likely see plenty of pooches rocking sunglasses, board shorts, and such.

Yes, there shall be costumes. Many costumes. On Corgis. And some humans, too, but definitely an impressive number of dogs will be strutting about in outlandish outfits.

The party's — er, pawty's — "Back to the Beach" banner has a bright '80s vibe, by the by, so if you have something neon for your furry friend to wear, best find it soon.

It's free to join, activities include the popular Corgi Kissing Booth and limbo competition, and there shall be a vendor village made for humans who thoroughly dote on their dogs, giving devoted Corgians a chance to stock up on anything their pups might want.

Yoga, musical chairs, and a Best Momo Contest, focusing on Corgis' charmingly and chonky rear quarters, are also on the sprightly schedule, as is a "Corgi Bacon Flavored Bubble Spectacular."

We're not saying a person is only allotted so many smiles per month, but, if that was an actual thing, we might use up all our given smiles for April, early, by watching Corgis leap in the air to bite bubbles that taste like meat.

It's the "Biggest Corgi Party on the Planet," and you can "wiggle" by the "rowdy" scene, no reservations necessary.

Don't have a Corgi in your household? This is kind: "Honorary Corgis," as in all sorts of canines, are welcome to attend with their humans.

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