It's a Prom, for People, but also for Puppets

"Enchantment Under the Sea" is the theme for the whimsical whoop-di-doo.

What to Know

  • Sunday, June 23
  • The Mayflower Club in North Hollywood
  • $35 (members and non-members)

Saying that the sorts of materials used in a fancy prom-night outfit are not too far from the sorts of materials employed in the making a puppet isn't too much of a stretch.

For prom revelers do go all out in the over-the-top attire department, choosing to dress in sparkly, twinkly, and fabulous fabric.

And puppets? They, too, are known for their sparkly, twinkly looks, making it seem like it is always puppet prom.

But there is one official Puppet Prom, when it comes to The LA Guild of Puppetry, and it shall dance as merrily as a marionette on Sunday evening, June 23 at the Mayflower Club in North Hollywood.

It's open to members of the guild, yes, but non-members, too, if you've been curious about the puppet-cool lifestyle.

Prom-y wear'll be the thing, but so will other celebratory staples. Look for a buffet dinner, with dessert, too, and a cash bar.

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Of course there's a photo booth, and of course it is themed to puppets. Of course.

"Puppet entertainment with some of LA's best acts" will give the gleeful night extra oomph, no strings attached.

Or plenty of strings attached? You get us.

And if you're especially into the theme of the night, "Enchantment Under the Sea," you can try your hand at fashioning a puppet that is, yes, ocean-awesome in nature.

Will you go with a seahorse? A shark? Something with a ton of tentacles and googly eyes?

Ideas will flow like the tide, surely. Further goosing the creative spirit is the fact that the creating of fresh puppets involve a contest. And recycled materials. Yes and yes.

It's a night to welcome new board members to the guild, by the way, meaning you'll be among some of the biggest puppet-smart brains found in Southern California.

It's $35 to join this unique revelry, but what will you get back, in good vibes, when you tell everyone at the office the next day that you went to prom the night before with a happy horde of puppets and puppet-loving people?

And what's a group of puppets called, anyway? A string? A handful? 

Ponder that tantalizing question as you put together your dress, your suit, or whatever outfit you'll wear to Puppet Prom. You have puppets to impress, so think twinkly.

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