It's All Fun and Games When ‘Hollywood Game Night' Returns for Season 6

"Hollywood Game Night" will make an all-star return to NBC on July 11th.

What to Know

  • "Hollywood Game Night" is hosted by Jane Lynch.
  • Season 6 starts with "American Ninja Warrior" vs "The Good Place."
  • Season 6 premieres July 11th 9/8c.

What do you get when you give Jane Lynch a new backyard, lots of celebrity friends, brand new games, and booze? If you guessed "Hollywood Game Night" season six then you are already ahead of the game. Pun intended. HGN will be returning with all these ingredients which Lynch says is the perfect recipe for a fun show. Did we mention the booze?

"The recipe is the same, and we don't mess with that," Lynch says. "The audience feels like they are at a party with a bunch of really funny shiny people playing games. And you feel like you're a part of it."

HGN is a throwback to game shows gone by like "Hollywood Squares" or "Match Game." Lynch says those shows were some of her favorites to watch when she was growing up and you can see them reflected in "Hollywood Game Night."

"I used to fake sick a lot to stay home from school so I could watch television because I loved television," Lynch said. "I would watch the sitcoms then the afternoon game shows. So it was a real exciting thing for me to take the mantle of the game show host."

So what's new in season six? Are there really that many games to play? Lynch says yes. She tells us the producers came up with more games than they know what to do with. So they picked the top games to make the cut including Jane's Jams, Kissing Booth, and How Do You Doo-et.

Grab your own cocktail and watch the cast of "The Good Place" and "American Ninja Warrior" kick off the season when it premieres July 11 9/8c.

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