It's MatzoBall, the Jewish Singles Soiree

Revelers'll dance on Dec. 24 at venues across the nation.

Dec. 24 tends to be a pretty glittery night, on several fronts, from the strings of gently twinkly lights wrapped around trees to the glow of candles on windowsills to the festive, dressy-dressy, hands-in-the-air parties happening around the nation.

If you're at one of these dressy-dressy shindigs, in Boston or Atlanta or Los Angeles, and the date on the calendar is the 24th day of December, chances are mighty good you're at MatzoBall. The lavishly staged, get-elegant, mix 'n mingle events kicked off in 1987 as a way for Jewish singles to hobnob in holiday style.

And while organizers say that "90% of MatzoBall attendees are Jewish singles, aged 21-49," everyone and anyone is "welcome to attend."

It's a pretty convivial scene, and one that has grown into 25 major metropolises over the nearly three decades it has been around. The 2015 Los Angeles version will unfurl at The Room Hollywood, with a later-in-the-evening start time -- 9 p.m. -- and a wrap-up at 2 o'clock in the morning.

This comes a week ahead of New Year's Eve, so call the into-the-wee-hours celebration excellent practice for welcoming 2016.

A ticket is thirty bucks, and while you don't need to break out the tuxedo or sequin-laden frock, you should think seasonal splendor, and an outfit you wouldn't mind rocking as you make a lot of new friends over the course of the dance-and-be-swell soiree.

Founder Andy Rudnick, by the by, met his wife at a MatzoBall in 1997.

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If you want to take in a couple of happenings on Dec. 24, The Ball, another Jewish singles mixer, will live it up at Bootsy Bellows.

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