‘Jurassic World' Velociraptor Jumps into Universal Studios

See Blue in the theme park's daily "Raptor Encounters" show.

What to Know

  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Daily shows
  • Included with park admission

If you adore animals, you've likely formed a special bond with at least one or two cuties over your time.

We're talking about the sort of strong friendship that isn't based on mere words but rather incorporates feeling, shared glances, and invisible ties, plus a host of unspoken emotions.

Such is the on-screen case with Owen, the brave human lead in the "Jurassic World" franchise, and Blue, a gnashy velociraptor that's #1 in his dinosaur-loving heart.

It's a good thing for audiences that Blue, a scaly beastie that is, yes, rather blue in appearance, has stayed on the big screen, and hasn't run down among the seats, because, well, velociraptors are notably... intense.

Which makes the introduction of Blue to Universal Studios Hollywood's daily "Raptor Encounter" show also a bit intense, and intriguing, and, dare we say it, worth celebrating.

For the show presents theme park visitors with "daring face-to-face standoffs" with large-scale moving figures that are definitely NOT, repeat not on the big screen.

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Raptor Encounter happens just outside of the "Jurassic Park" attraction at the theme park. Note that Blue, and her raptor buddies, are not inside the ride, nope; rather, they are often found just outside the watery attraction, with a "handler," and seeing them up close, rather than passing by them in a boat, is part of the thrill.

How thrilling is this thrill? The raptors stand 12 feet tall, and are 15 feet long, and have several dozen "razor-sharp, bone-crushing" teeth, as in 56, as in eeeeek.

And, yes, "Jurassic Park" is shuttering in a few months to make way for a "Jurassic World" iteration of the popular ride in 2019.

The final day to don the plastic poncho on the opened-in-1996 ride? Monday, Sept. 3, so best roar by before Labor Day Weekend wraps.

Blue, however, is on view now, during the Raptor Encounter show. If you've enjoyed the special rapport displayed by Owen and Blue in "Jurassic World," and look forward to seeing them both again in "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" when it opens on June 22, best bask in those velociraptor vibes, at Universal Studios Hollywood, at Raptor Encounter.

If you dare? You do dare, we're just betting.

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