Make Cool Stuff, Thanks to Two Bit Circus Foundation

The creative organization is offering free weekday tutorials on house-happy, imagination-building activities.

Two Bit Circus Foundation

What to Know

  • Free livestreams on Twitch
  • 10 a.m. weekdays
  • Coming up: Making Music and Balloon Racers

Your kid? She has some construction paper nearby, and maybe a few jars of glitter, and some old cardboard paper, too.

She's longing to make something nifty, something cool, something to show off to the grandparents on the next video chat.

Two Bit Circus Foundation can help.

The creative organization has been offer livestreams of make-stuff-at-home activities, the sort of hands-on pursuits that keep big-thinking tots busy, and help grow their problem-solving abilities.

The "creative play exercises" are popping up on Twitch each weekday at 10 in the morning. The company behind this awesome venture? It's Vans.

A recent project took on catapult creation. But rather than needing large planks of wood and bits of metal, this table-topping catapult only required that its maker use rubber bands, cotton balls, markers, and other around-the-house items.

Coming up? Making Music on April 9 and Balloon Racers on April 10.

Find out more at the Two Bit Circus Foundation site, and clear some space, time, and room to build for your budding, in-house inventors.

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