Morton's Meaty Special: The $1 Filet Sandwich

The steakery observes National Filet Mignon Day on Wednesday, Aug. 13.

Eating in the bar side of a restaurant tends to make a splashy comeback in the trend pages every two or three years. Food writers recommend how one might cobble together a meal out of appetizers and save a bit of money doing so.

Plus? You're frequently eating while perched atop a stool, and there's nothing not to like about that.

But sometimes there is no debate about whether to head for the bar for your meal vs. the more staid, napkin-proper restaurant. Take Morton's, the mondo steakery, which has Wednesday, Aug. 13 circled in thick red ink on the big Morton's calendar.

What's Aug. 13? It happens to be National Filet Mignon Day, and the restaurant is observing the holiday by offering filet sandwiches, for a buck, in the bar, all day, at every Morton's The Steakhouse throughout Southern California (and everywhere else, too).

That was quite a few commas there, separating what's going down. The filet sandwiches? Yep, it is a steak sandwich served on a tasty roll. A buck? That's a catchy way to say a dollar, but you'll probably want to bring in a few extra bucks, for a beverage or side. Those parmesan truffle matchstick fries? Yeah, they'd be a pretty perfect complement to that hearty bread-and-meat deal.

And the all day part of the equation? Check your local Morton's, find out when they're open, and bingo! You can get your dollar sandwich, regardless of what the clock says.

Yep, bar eating can be fun eating, but especially when a national food holiday rolls around, and a pricier foodstuff is marked down to (almost) mere pennies. Stow those dollars, mignon mavens, and mark Aug. 13.

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