Nature Chill Meets Live Tunes at ‘Rock the Garden'

Stroll by plants and savor songs, performed live, at South Coast Botanic Garden.

What to Know

  • South Coast Botanic Garden
  • Select January dates
  • Included with general garden admission

Extreme frigid-o-sity doesn't begin to describe the situation many people are facing around the country at the moment.

Temperatures have plummeted, everything that can freeze have frozen over with glacial gusto, and stepping outside means wrapping the face, and other exposed bits, in as many layers as one has handy.

Southern California, if it isn't having the opposite situation, is experiencing walk-outside, smell-a-flower weather. Definitely, it is crisp by night around these parts, but if a shrub-lined pathway is calling to you in early January, you best follow it, for such mild winter times may not last forever.

South Coast Botanic Garden in Palos Verdes can help you find such a pathway in the earliest days of the year, and, if you happen to visit on a special date in January, you'll be able to soak in some live sounds.

It's Rock the Garden time at the shrubby spread, which means soundful experiences aplenty. "A selection of trails will host a special 'mix-tape' to mix up your post-holiday walk," while live music in the Rose Garden will make weekend days extra weekend-y.

Look, or rather listen, also, for DJs in the Sakura Meadow.

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Bluegrassy vibes, jammin' guitars, and other aural goodness are part of the summer scene. Dates and acts are listed here, and your admission to the garden gets you into the places with the tunes, so no extra fee is required.

Oh wait... did we just type "summer" there? It's not summer. It's January, though temperatures are trying convince us otherwise. 

So soak up the sinter, or wummer, or whatever combo you'd like to create out of "summer" and "winter" at the bloom-big spread in PV (and banish any lingering post-holiday stresses in the sinter sunshine).

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