North Hollywood

No time, no worry: A one-mile ‘CicLAmini' is headed to North Hollywood

The pedestrian-focused festival will spotlight some of the area's most vibrant shops and eateries.


What to Know

  • CicLAmini North Hollywood
  • Sunday, Sept. 17 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • The one-mile route will have a pedestrian vibe but cyclists and skaters are welcome

The bustle of our lives throughout the calendar is real, but absolutely everything is bustlier in September, when school schedules are still new, everyday tasks have seemingly tripled, and the holidays are on swift approach.

Jumping into a free and fresh-air'd outing of a short-ish nature is a timely temptation, which makes the festive fact that the next CicLAmini is coming up, and on the final Sunday of summer, no less.

What's a CicLAmini? It's just like a CicLAvia, the venerable open-streets spectacular that began in Southern California in 2010, but more compact, hence the "mini" part.

Rather than covering five or six miles of a particular neighborhood, the CicLAmini focuses on a one-mile-ish stretch of a major thoroughfare and the on-foot pleasures of an area.

And on Sunday, Sept. 17? It's all about North Hollywood and the many lovely businesses that dot lively Lankershim Boulevard, as well as small bits of Chandler and Magnolia Boulevards, too.

Cars will be prohibited over several hours while people will be out in the center of the street, enjoying the almost-crisp weather.

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If you've never completed a full CicLAvia, covering all of the map, a CicLAmini should be a snap to finish, and without needing the whole day to do so.

Though spending the whole day there, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., you certainly may, if that suits your NoHo-loving proclivities; the CicLAvia team has kindly created a line-up of Local Gems, those can't-miss places that give the artsy enclave so much of its character.

It is, in short, a day for NoHobnobbing, so get to know some of the restaurants and shops in the area or revisit those destinations that have delighted you in the past.

This is all free to do, by the way — food, drink, and purchases are separate, of course — and you won't need a reservation or ticket to participate in the popular on-the-go gathering.

And if you want to Metro-it-up? Sweet: The Metro B (Red) Line will get you there.

September, you really do have us running, but on summer's last Sunday, we plan to take a leisurely mile-long stroll along one of North Hollywood's most memorable boulevards.

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