Over a Dozen Museums Go Free for a Weekend

Over a dozen museums will waive admission for a weekend

January is Los Angeles Art Month, don't you know (we're quite sure you do). But Los Angeles Art Month, like an elaborate gallery exhibit, doesn't necessarily put all of the good stuff up front.

Oh, sure, there is some good stuff near the front of the gallery -- er, the month -- but one is sure to find some of the best surprises near the end. Exhibit A? The Museums Free-for-All, which is preparing to mark its eighth annual outing over the final weekend of the first month of the year.

What does "Free-for-All" mean, exactly? Just that: A dozen-and-a-half museums will kiss admission prices goodbye for an entire weekend, or mostly.

"Mostly" meaning the museum will be free either on Saturday, Jan. 26 or Sunday, Jan. 27. A good deal, still, if you plan your visit accordingly. 

The single-dayers include the Craft and Folk Art Museum, the Santa Monica Museum of Art, and the Pacific Asia Museum. The both-dayers include The Autry, the Hammer Museum, and the Annenberg Space for Photography.

Note that if there's usually a charge for parking, you'll still need to pay for that. Also note that special exhibits that are ticketed separately aren't in the "come-in-for-free" mix. Don't be disappointed when you find that out at the ticket window.

But truly, it's a good deal, and a fine way to round out Los Angeles Art Month *and* the traditional month of the year when we all try and stick to a budget, with the resolutions and holiday bills and all. Thanks, cultural institutions of LA, for thinking of us.

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