Peak Bloom Is ‘Officially' Happening Now at The Flower Fields

Don't delay if you'd like to admire millions of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers all doing their brilliant thing.

Sam Loera

What to Know

  • The Flower Fields in Carlsbad boasts over 70,000,000 Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers
  • Open daily through Sunday, May 14, 2023; tickets are only sold in advance online
  • The attraction sent out word on April 27 that the peak bloom is happening as April concludes

The Flower Fields, Carlsbad's colorful wonderland of floral beauty, is traditionally open from March 1 to Mother's Day, each and every year.

A person, upon learning this, may be inclined to ponder this head-scratcher: Are there more seconds in that particular window of time, a span that covers about 11 weeks, or more Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers covering the rambling hills of the scenic attraction?

Answer: There are more flowers, a lot more flowers, in fact, than the number of seconds that fill 11 weeks. It's a jaw-dropping idea to consider, but once you arrive at the vast blanket of incredible color, the math becomes incredibly clear.

And if you're wondering how those 70,000,000-plus blossoms are doing as April 2023 concludes? Here's the delightful but not-too-surprising twist: Many of them are hitting peak bloom.

The attraction team sent out the "peak bloom" announcement on the morning of April 27, saying that the flowers had "officially" reached their most splendiferous point of the season.

So seeing them on the sooner side?

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You should, if you're a devoted peak-bloomer, but securing that ticket in advance is an absolute must. The final weekend of April will be especially warm, and petal-peepers will be out in flower-seeking force.

Eager to commune with all of this zazzy color in a less-bustling (but still not crowd-free) environment?

Weekdays are the way to go. And yep: Advance admission is still necessary, whenever you choose to arrive.

Can't make The Flower Fields this year?

You can order a bouquet of spritely ranunculus for your home. There are several color combinations to choose from, and each summons the marvelousness of this California landmark in a beautiful microcosm.

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