Pet Love: Your New Pal Is at the Tar Pits

The NKLA Super Adoption is back to make miracles on the Miracle Mile.

It's like a math problem, but with a load of awww-ing attached: How many animal memes and gifs and stories and photos can you scroll by, on all of your various social media feeds, before you reach your maximum number of "awwws" per day?

Like many a math stumper, it's a bit of a trick question: There is no limit on the awwws you can give when encountering snapshots of online pets. And there is no cap on the awwws you'll feel should adopt a friend at the NKLA Super Adoption Weekend, which returns to the La Brea Tar Pits on Saturday, Nov. 7 and Sunday, Nov. 8.

To further increase your daily awww quotient, head to the Miracle Mile landmark on either day and encounter loads of lovies looking to spend their next few-to-several years on your lap. "More than 1,000 adoptable dogs and cats will be featured" at the happening, which brings together dozens upon dozens of rescue groups and shelters, all in one barky, meowy, happy place.

NBC4 reporter Robert Kovacik will be handling emcee duties from noon to 2 o'clock on Saturday and Sunday. Will there be sweet animals on stage with Mr. Kovacik and adoption stories and more? You bet. 

Admission to get in? So completely free. As free as viewing a gif of a dog swinging on a baby swing. (We've all seen that one, surely?)

Price to take a furry one home? Adoption fees start at fifty bucks, and "(a)ll pets are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped." Few things in life, truly, are as well prepared and ready to move to the next stage as a pet awaiting his or her new home at the Super Adoption Weekend, a weekend that is a partnership between NKLA and Best Friends Animal Society.

The two-dayer'll also include food trucks, info booths, and other animal-nice additions. Plus? Volunteers are on hand to discuss questions you might have before making an ultimate love connection.

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Will you soon be adding to the vast grouping of animal photos and memes and gifs online, courtesy of a fresh photo of your new cat purring atop your piano? Honestly, whatever we can do, as humans, to add to the deep well of animal-focused awwws online, via photos of our own pets, we should do.

It's just a kind service to all other animal lovers out there, a service that begins with you welcoming a sweet pal into your pad, forever.

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