Picnic Alongside the Bright Blossoms of The Flower Fields

The new event is giving visitors the chance to sup at the spectacular attraction, but do book your spot ahead of time.

The Flower Fields/Sam Loera

What to Know

  • Picnic & Flowers, a new event at The Flower Fields in Carlsbad
  • Saturdays and Sundays; the attraction's last 2023 date is May 14
  • $125 per guest; individual picnic boxes, a set-up with table flowers and other spring-inspired details, a take-home Polaroid photo, and more

When it comes to dining outdoors in a fresh setting, we're apt to think in pair-ups: Two pieces of bread forming a sandwich, two friends to catch up with, the perfect sunhat and sundress to wear, and the lightest dessert and drink.

But let us add another classic pairing to that list, a twosome that goes even beyond what's on the menu: picnics and flowers are also a delightful and timeless duo, and as venerable a match-up as the perfect sundress and sunhat.

It's a pairing that's receiving plenty of love at The Flower Fields, the sizable swath of incredible color now upping the wow factor in Carlsbad.

If you know these world-famous fields, you know that they are filled with over 70 million Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers, blooms that usually peak each April. You also know that the intriguing events that adorn the attraction's schedule can be as memorable as the flowers so many people come to admire.

The destination has also become known for regularly unveiling new events, and one of the debuting events of 2023 celebrates the pretty pleasures of alfresco dining.

"Picnic & Flowers" boasts a wonderfully clear and happy name — you'll be eating outside, next to the blossoms — but there are other goodies in store, like the fact that live music is playing while you sup and a cool-down service, featuring a cold towel, is part of the package.

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Decorations, too, add an uplifting touch to the picnicking areas, which feature pillows, a blanket, and a festive feel.

As for your individual meal box? Look for an artisan sandwich, fresh fruit, and other delectables (the full list can be found here).

And the last lovely token? A Polaroid photograph to keep.

"Dress to impress!" is the enthusiastic suggestion on the site, and you can believe that guests are sporting their most sensational sunhats, seersucker suits, and picture-perfect attire. (Coming in your everyday or casual clothes is absolutely fine, too.)

Each session has a timed start — you'll want to arrive well in advance to make sure you are there when the window opens on your 90-minute picnic — and the $125 price gives you all-day access to The Flower Fields.

Another important must? Reserving your spot in advance. This is a weekends-only happening, and Picnic & Flowers must end when The Flower Fields closes for the season on Sunday, May 14.

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