Weekend: Roll Down Six Miles of Car-Free Wilshire

CicLAvia takes on our fabled mid-city boulevard. Plus? Walkers are extra welcome.

CicLAvia: The numbers from the Venice Boulevard CicLAvia a few months back staggered the imagination: Some 150,000 people made the bike ride on the closed street. Next up? Fabled Wilshire Boulevard on Sunday, June 23. The WilBo -- yeah, we're calling it that now, until someone asks us not to -- will be closed to cars from One Wilshire to Fairfax Avenue, and there will be two walkers-only hubs. Plus entertainment, booths, food, more food, the Korean BBQ Festival, and all of the city goodness that can fill up six full miles. Yeah, we're a bike city now. Take that, naying naysayers, or, better yet, come ride with us.

Korean BBQ Festival: This tasty cook-off will be part of the larger CicLAvia zaniness, but it stands on its own, apart from the larger event. After all, it has been around for a half decade now, grilling up all sorts of savory meats and rocking the galbi, bulgogi, and all of your favorite hearty dishes. Mmm, and jun. And skewers. And jidori chicken. You don't have to participate in CicLAvia to go, but know it may take some extra time to wend to Oxford Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard on Sunday, June 23.

Summer Solstice Celebrations: We wish we had our own Stonehenge here in SoCal, but there are places to June-21st-it-up. Like? The Hammer Museum is throwing a free party, Two Bunch Palms is christening a labyrinth out in the desert, Barnsdall will pour wine, and, yep, Santa Barbara's colossal 'n colorful parade struts on June 22. If LA had a Stonehenge, where would it go, though? We vote near the tar pits (ancient + ancient).

Long Beach Bayou and Blues Festival: This Rainbow Lagoon Park party marked its quarter century a couple of years back, so let's give it a longevity "woot woot" right here. The longevity stems from this: Really hot tunes of a zydeco, get-up-and-swing flavor, foods like crawfish and po'boys, and a Mardi Gras flair. Oh, and you'll dance. That isn't up for debate. Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23.

Hollywood Bowl Opens: Yep, it is about to get a little trafficky 'round the Cahuenga Pass. Yep, you'll want to plan a few balcony nights, to watch fireworks, if you're in the vicinity. And, yep, all the big names long associated with our close-to-a-century-old bowl will be around this weekend (hi Steven Tyler, Patti Austin, and John Legend). What are you most excited to see? Yeah, we thought you'd say the Bugs Bunny nights in July. C'mon. Bugs. Bunny. At. The. Bowl. That's summertime classy with a spritz of SoCal-y charm.

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