Salt & Straw: ‘Spooktacular' Ice Cream Series

Creepy Crawly Critters is just one of October's frightful flavors.

Holding your Halloween bag or bucket up at a front door while hoping for a couple of candy bars or lollipops?

It's the charming way of things come the last evening of October, each and every year. And while trick-or-treaters count on an array of sweets and suckers, they're not planning on seeing a scoop of ice cream inside their candy bag come the end of the night.

Because ice cream? It melts. It's gooey. And it's get-everywhere-y, too. But that shouldn't preclude the popular confection from having a role in the Halloween food fun, even if you probably shouldn't give it out, to costumed visitors, at your front door.

Enter Salt & Straw, the Portland-started, now-around-SoCal ice creamery that is always in the seasonal swing of edible things. The artisanal scoop shop now has a chilling 'n chilly line-up of flavors on, and you can find your freaky treat right through the end of October.

On the monstrous menu? Creepy Crawly Critters, a "grass-green" matcha that includes critters often found in grass: mealworms and crickets. They're real, though in this scoop they come enrobed in chocolate and toffee.

Dracula's Blood Pudding does, spoiler alert, include actual blood pudding, as well as a "heady combination of warm spices."

And The Great Candycopia, Essence of Ghost, and Freckle & Hyde Potion fill out the remainder of the eerie goodies, with each flavor offering something spooky or surprising, in terms of what you typically find in ice cream.

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There's no need to hand out scoops at the front door, nor to expect it in your candy bucket; but if you saunter by the Salt & Straw locations on Larchmont, Abbot Kinney, Santa Monica, and Ventura Boulevards, as well as the shop in the Arts District, you'll find an icy and eeky expression of a holiday not known for its colder treats.

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