Santa Monica Shindig: Get Your 1920s On

Gussy up in honor of Marion Davies, the former resident of the Annenberg Community Beach House.

We're living in the age of putting off parties, of begging out of obligations, of dreaming of sitting on our couch in last night's PJs while binging on the hot series of the week.

But it wasn't always that way. Actress Marion Davies, and her glittering social-sparkly circle, made the swell party something of a feathers-and-Champagne art from back in the 1920s. 

Many of those parties happened in Santa Monica, where the Annenberg Community Beach House stands. Ms. Davies was the property's famous resident -- and William Randolph Hearst, the very special friend of Ms. Davies, was the buyer -- and stars from Charlie Chaplin to Greta Garbo frolicked with other luminaries of the day.

Modern fans of the house and Hollywood history mark the January birthday of Ms. Davies each and every year by throwing just the type of bash she might have adored. There shall be no sliding down banisters or hanging from chandeliers, Gatsby-style, but Gatsby-style dress will be in vogue on Sunday, Jan. 10 when revelers come out to play.

They'll play among long-gone headliners of the day. Look for cameos by gossip columnist Hedda Hopper, comedian Harpo Marx, and no less than "Jean Harlow in her stunning vintage Packard." The LA Love Band'll stir up the sounds of yesteryear while a "psychic entertainer" will hold sway at the soiree. (That is so very '20s, as spirit-focused fetes became quite the rage.)

Tours of the building and home movies will add just the right sepia-toned touch to the to-do, too.

A to-do that just about everyone dresses up in their finest satin and pearls for, do note. You don't have to go full costume-shop'd flapper, if you that's not in your budget or interest, but do think dressy. It's kind of fun, after all, for how often do we gussy up for a day at the beach?

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The daytime party is free, but you'll want to RSVP. Unhand that string of pearls and felt cloche hat and do say yes to a swell time.

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