Scent Fair LA, a Fragrant Festivity, to Waft This Weekend

Follow the intriguing aroma to the Craft Contemporary for workshops, shopping, and lots more.


What to Know

  • Scent Fair LA at the Craft Contemporary on Wilshire Boulevard
  • Through May 7, 2023
  • The fair is free with Craft Contemporary admission; workshops and special events are available for an additional fee

The nose knows so much, and yet the act of detecting a scent can almost read like a complex, hard-to-untangle riddle. ("What can't you see or hear but know is near?")

The creation of fragrance is an art form that goes back thousands of years, and detecting a particular flower's essence on the wind or the power of petrichor after a rainstorm — that singular smell of rain-damp dirt, of course — can instantly transport us to a chapter of life that closed years ago.

If such nosey notions have intrigued you, you may want to follow your powerful proboscis to the Craft Contemporary, where several fragrance-making pros will gather for one piquant party.

Make that several happenings, for Scent Fair LA is both about the main event, the shop-around scene that gives fragrance fans the chance to browse several different styles of perfumes, oils, and diffusers, and workshops that will provide a deeper look at the aromatic arts.

The fair is free with your Craft Contemporary admission, but if you'd like to attend a workshop like the Introduction to Perfume Blending with The Institute of Art and Olfaction, that is available for a separate fee. (It's $75 for the public and $70 for members.)

Candles, incense cones, and other scentful stars will be in the spotlight.

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As for those companies, artists, and makers in attendance? Scent Fair LA will welcome traditional perfumers as well as artisans working independently (and experimenting with the fragrant form).

Travertine Atelier, Filigree & Shadow, and several other well-known purveyors of redolent, memory-summoning scents will be at the event, which is presented by The Institute of Art and Olfaction and Darin Klein & Friends.

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