Shake Shack's Pumpkin-stravaganza Now Ripe

Sip a Pumpkin Shake while decorating or carving a pumpkin at the West Hollywood eatery.

What to Know

  • Pumpkin decorating on Oct. 22
  • Pumpkin carving on Oct. 29
  • Proceeds benefit LA Pride

Question: How much pumpkin is too much pumpkin?

Answer: Pump up the pumpkin, always, and never, ever worry that you're indulging in autumn's most iconic, pulp'd-out, seedy superstar.

There'll be double the pumpkin-based high jinks, in fact, at Shake Shack in West Hollywood on both Tuesday, Oct. 22 and Tuesday, Oct. 29. For that's when the restaurant will offer a fab fundraiser, one that involves both pumpkin craftiness and the Shake Shack seasonal Pumpkin Shake.

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Swing by on Oct. 22, pay $25 for your ticket, and score a pumpkin to decorate, plus a decorating kit, plus a shake to sip as you get super-creative.

If you can make the Oct. 29 gourdly gathering, that's all about the carving, as you might imagine, given the close-to-Halloween date. There's a contest on, too, and if you win it, you'll walk out with a Shake Shack gift card worth one hundred bucks.

That'll buy you a giant pumpkin's worth of fries, if you can imagine a giant pumpkin hollowed out and holding a bunch of fries.

That, of course, is just a fanciful visual, for any fries you order at the Shake Shack will arrive in the traditional way.

But something that's not so traditional? Making a crafty October happening all about raising money for a super organization. That's LA Pride, the community partner of the West Hollywood location. And, you bet, money from both evening events will be donated to LA Pride.

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