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Hand-Tooled Wedges



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    Summertime in a shoe. Feeling the red...

    HAND-TOOLED WEDGES: Putting "hand" in front of anything just makes it better. Hand-raised, handsome, etc. These deep-hued, hand-tooled beauties, which we found at Re-Mix, a place that just does vintage right, probably softly squish "July evening" every time you step.

    SWAP-O-RAMA: Bring a bag of clothes that no longer fit you -- that pull at you -- that annoy you but might look cute on somebody else. Put 'em in the big collective pile. Dig through and find some new treasures for own bad self. Decorate/bejewel/sew to your heart's sartorial content. July 11th, California Market Center

    MEAT IN A JAM: Or a chutney. Chutney is a friend to just about any sort of savory dish you want to slather it on; and we do mean slather. Huntington Meats is selling an imported pear chutney that intrigues -- maybe on some ribs? -- as well as apple raisin and mango. Now if only we could keep those coals glowing.