SoCal's Marvelous Matzo Ball Soups

Craving the cockles-warming classic as Passover approaches? Find favorites around town.

What to Know

  • Crustacean's pho-inspired, Thai basil-spiced Matzo Ball Soup
  • Traditional takes at Langer's, Canter's, Brent's Deli
  • Try Dana's Matzo Ball Soup at Wexler's Deli on Santa Monica Boulevard

We all experience cravings for particular cuisines, and we long for other interesting eats, but when it comes to matzo ball soup, something deeper and more timeless seems to be at work.

For the hot bowl of hearty goodness is beyond filling, for many fans. In fact, some might say it satisfies in a way few other vittles can, on the hunger scale, and an emotional scale, too.

Passover will find home cooks creating savory bowls of bliss, but such cockles-warming meals can also be found around Southern California, if you haven't got a Seder or friend gathering just ahead but you're still searching out the superstar soup.

Crustacean, in Beverly Hills, has fashioned a fascinating spin on the traditional recipe, by incorporating pho noodles as well as Thai basil and a host of Vietnamese herbs. The soup will be available during Passover, from April 19 through 27, 2019.

Canter's, a forever-on-Fairfax favorite, ladles up a beautiful by-the-book matzo ball soup, but for the kreplach cravers in the house, there is the Mish Mosh, which involves, yes, matzo balls, kreplach, and some rice and noodles, too. How will you not return to the fabled avenue outside feeling like you've truly eaten?  

Freedman's LA, on Sunset, knows that once one person at the table goes for the matzo ball soup, others will likely (and understandably) follow suit. The solution? Ordering the dish made for two people or even four.

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Brent's Deli, which has locations in Northridge and Westlake Village, has long been a go-to for a gloriously glistening bowl of matzo-based marvelousness. And should you crave kugel after your ball-laden starter, Grandma Eva's Noodle Kugel is known for its cinnamon-y crust, yum.

Wexler's Deli, on Santa Monica Boulevard, has a special take on the matzo, thanks to a moniker that's attached to it: Dana. Dana's Matzo Ball Soup is a tender tribute to chef Micah Wexler's mom, a warm classic rocking some true family love.

Art's Deli, on Ventura Boulevard, has a matzo ball soup lush with chicken, carrots, and noodles, as well as other must-haves like knishes and noodle kugels. One thing to note? The restaurant is observing regular hours during Passover 2019.

Langer's, the longtime MacArthur Park neighbor, may have fans lining up for the Original #19 (yep, think pastrami, Russian dressing, cole slaw), but the matzo soup is served daily, and makes a perfect complement to any sandwich you've got your eye on. Which, yes, is probably the Original #19.

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