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SoCal's Newest Viral Star: Daisy Underbite

The cutie's video, in which she trots with her shiny prosthetic legs, is summoning squees across the internet.

If you're currently consulting the etiquette books on your shelf, the ones that detail what topics are approved for discussion at the Thanksgiving table, and what subjects are best avoided, unhand your guides and go directly to the headquarters of Daisy, a Southern California canine with a magical story.

Daisy, whose Facebook page is entited "Daisy Underbite" for the obvious and charming reasons, is all you need to discuss over the family holiday meal, because everyone can agree she is the most squee-able star to break big on the internet in ages.

Does "break big on the internet" mean there is a viral video involved? Oh you bet.

Her story has heartbreak and hope: Left on her own "on the streets of Bellflower" when she was nothing more than a lil' whelp, Daisy was found by animal control and spirited to a shelter. Her luck didn't look up, for a time, but then A Home 4 Ever Rescue provided a pathos-packed plot twist by plucking Daisy out of the shelter, and just in time. 

The fawn-hued honey has a congenital condition affecting much of her upper body -- "elbows, right shoulder, and back hips" -- which made walking a challenge for the wee lady. Wheels helped, for a couple of years, but then prosthetic legs came into Daisy's life, in the summer of 2015, a game-changer. 

Daisy's now a runner. A sprinter, really.

"Our mission is to spread the love and positive message of animals with special needs through Daisy," says the pup's forever mom Sheena Main on Daisy's main HQ, Underbite Unite.

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Could Daisy be one of the delightful uniters of the 2015 holidays? Could this spunky SoCaler shine a light for breaking through to the next level, whatever that level happens to be, a true inspiration for all of us?

No more hypothetical questions: Yes and yes are the correct answers. Just make sure all of the relatives and friends walking in your front door on Thanksgiving Day watch this heart-tugger of a video before they head for the dining room table:

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