Spring for SoCal's Most Offbeat Outings

Several semi-surreal, ever-fascinating events are just ahead on the Atlas Obscura calendar.

What to Know

  • Cradle of the Cosmic Age is on April 20
  • Homeward Bound: Pigeon Navigation on April 28
  • Hollywood Hills Sculpture Garden blooms on May 4

April might be accurately deemed as the most mirthful of months. 

After all, it opens with the prankiest day of the year, and its sunshiny days, bursting flowers, and warming breezes possess a buoyancy that must make other months a mite jealous.

How to help this re-opening of the spirit to flower further? By making an excursion that is enchanting, offbeat, ethereal, or even a touch surreal.

Atlas Obscura, the worldwide collective devoted to curious sights, events, and the people who love both, has several Southern California adventures just ahead, and if you're hoping that they'll match your April-induced craving for the cool and quirky, keep those hopes high.

Bound to make your next few weeks extra-whimsical?

Cradle of the Cosmic Age at the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey, the "former manufacturing site of the Apollo Space program." That's on April 20, and will attract rocketpeople aplenty (but tickets are going, so book yours).

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Homeward Bound: Pigeon Navigation will take flight in Reseda on the final Sunday in April. It's a info-laden tour with the LA Pigeon Club, so prepare to bone-up on your homing skills. 

A colorful, treasure-packed Hollywood Hills Sculpture Garden? It feels like a merry way to while the first Saturday in May. Contemporary sculptures are the focus of this peek-behind-the-wall experience.

Other tantalizing events, including Bohemian Cristal Instrument at Hotel Figueroa, a "unique sound experience," and An Illumination of Wondrous Arts and Curious Crafts, are also coming up on the schedule, in addition to several other stellar selections. (update)

Ticket prices do vary, and while a number of tickets may be available for a particular event, spots do tend to fly, which means you'll need to join the waitlist (and keep those fingers crossed).

Knowing more, exploring more, savoring delight and/or bafflement and/or some curious combination of the two? That's part of the allure of an Atlas Obscura event. 

And when better to begin to sign up for such mind-opening, memory-building outings than springtime, and April specifically, which starts with a sprightly holiday and continues as the world around us opens its actual and proverbial petals?

Get out there, jump in, and embrace the creative, esoteric, and often wonderfully weird side of our world. 

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