Sprinkles Cupcakes: Golden Tickets Inside

One ticket, worth $25-$100, will show up inside a Red Velvet cupcake, every day over the last week in June.

The stretch of days that fall along the line that connects the first day of summer with the Fourth of July can start to feel a little long, with no delightful diversions to feed our fancies.

Yes, true, we do arrive at the year's halfway point during that time, if observing that particular occasion is your bag, though, really, there's not much more to do than exclaim "HOW can the year be halfway over already?!" (Apologies if you do host a whole lavish party around the Half Year's Eve, going the celebratory distance.)

Small but substantial surprises, though, do have a way of magically showing up when summer settles in. Look to Sprinkles Cupcakes, the started-in-SoCal icing-laden powerhouse that helped to front-and-center the cupcake in adults' snacking lives a dozen years ago.

To get seekers of sweets through the remainder of June, Sprinkles will be stashing a Golden Ticket worth a gift card valued somewhere in the range of $25-$100 in one Red Velvet cupcake each day.

That'll happen all week, so if you don't get your Golden Ticket on Tuesday, try again on Wednesday or Thursday. And if you don't find a Golden Ticket at all, you know the drill: You can't be too mopey, as you have a ready-to-eat cupcake in your hand, so that frown? Best flip it upside down, right quick.

Red Velvet is one of the classic Sprinkles flavors, yes. And if you're thinking, "hmm, didn't Sprinkles recently do a Golden Ticket-type giveaway?" The company did, in the spring of 2017, but those prize-bearing cupcakes arrived through the cupcake-dispensing ATM machines. 

Maybe you should get a dozen Red Velvets for your Half Year Eve bash? And maybe a Golden Ticket will be found within one? Either way, a classic cupcake, with a ticket baked inside or without, is a tasty way to begin the second half of the year.

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